Monday, 1 December 2014

And the Title is...

With The Rise of the Exile Queen the title choosing was slightly complicated. I had written a novel with the same characters and the same basic plotline, which I'd wanted to call The City of Splendours, in honour of the Catacombs. But then I read the novel from start to finish and I hated it. So I completely scrapped the project.

We went on holiday to Europe and the UK and my little story was completely revamped in my head. Upon arrival back in South Africa, I sat down and wrote the whole thing in less than two months. I'd been playing around with some one word titles, like 'Orphan' or 'Vengeance', but none of them seemed to fit the bill. And then, one day in the shower (where I get my best ideas :D) it hit me. This book wasn't about Eva being an orphan. It was about her rising and claiming her real title, that of a queen. But I had to remember that she'd been exiled too. And boom! I had a title.

The Song of War, on the other hand, was simple. It came to me as easily as breathing. I never doubted that it would be the title even once. Some of the readers think it's about the physical Song of War, but it isn't just that. It's about the fact that every group in the novel are at war with one another; the Elites and the Circle and the Anarchists and the White Hand. The High King and the Exile Queen. Everybody is either at war or preparing for battle. But it's also about the battles you can't see. Like Eva's war with herself. In fact, many of the characters are at war with themselves in the second book and I think the title reflects that.

But this last one was a struggle for me. I had no idea what to call it. 'The Anarchist King' came to mind. So did 'The Evangellion Device' (BO-RING). People suggested 'The White Hand's Last Stand' and 'The Fall of the High King'. All were good ideas, but none of them sang to me like the song of war did.

We started to refer to book three as 'The Unnamed One', like Mouldy Voldy in the HP series, or Sauron in LOTR. I started to joke that I would seriously call it that if nobody had any good suggestions.

And then, last week, gold. One of my proofreaders and close friends, André, came up with something that spoke to me immediately. It's simple and without pretence, while honouring one of my favourite characters. And now, without further ado, I'll reveal book three of the Evangellion Trilogy's title to you.

It will be called 'The Queen's Fury'.

Like it? I love it!

Watch this space, more little tidbits will be coming your way!


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