Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Planning Phase

Working on my new project (which hasn't been named yet) has been interesting.

With Evangellion, I did most of my planning on the computer, using Excel spreadsheets and Word docs. Of course, inspiration can strike at the most random of times and often I wasn't at home when this weird phenomenon occurred. Which led to me writing down some of my best ideas on scraps of paper and in random note books, some of them never to be found again. It's super frustrating when you've plotted out a really good scene, or wrote down some awesome twist for your story only to promptly lose it.

So this time, I'm doing it in a new way. I went out and bought an A4 notebook for my new series (suitably titled 'bright ideas'), and I've been writing down every idea in one place. This is kind of liberating, I have to tell you. When I feel the need to draw out a map or do a quick concept sketch of something, I have a place to do it. When I have a good idea for history, I have a place to write it down. When I need to plot out my character's looks, I have a place to do it.

I've been doing all of this in pencil, so when I change my mind (as I've been known to do frequently) I can simply erase and change. I've also been trying to keep topics together; like history, character sheets and maps. So far, it's been working really well. I've been doing a lot of research for this series and I find that writing down things into my book instead of having to juggle between the results of my internet search and a spreadsheet on one screen, has been working much better. It's easier.

I can also take my notebook with me wherever I go, which means I'm ready when inspiration strikes.

The downside of my new method is that I can lose every little detail I've been working on at once, should I lose the notebook. Or in the event of fire. Or a flood. Eek. My pc files for my novels have always been shared to storage clouds, which meant that even if my pc got fried, I didn't lose the most valuable thing on the hard drive. Maybe I should stop typing this and get a backup of my notebook onto the cloud. :)

The point of this whole post is that you should get your planning done in whatever way you prefer (I have more on this here). But do get it done. And then get to writing. The world can never have enough good writers! I can't wait to see what you come up with.


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