Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Mapping it - The Capitol

Ever since I started to dream about writing, I knew I'd write books with maps. Maybe this is because of my love for fantasy novels, which almost always have maps in the front pages. Some people don't care for these, but I always have. I sat for hours during and after reading Lord of the Rings, just getting lost in Middle Earth.

Some writers don't include maps in their novels. This is great for other reasons, because it forces the reader to use their own imagination to conjure up the places in their novels.

When I write, I prefer to work from a map. It helps a lot with distances, which is important if your characters are going to move around in your world. 

I personally find that it helps with the creative process too. When I'm drawing my maps, I see all kinds of little places where cool landmarks and ominous places could be located. And then I start to think about all of the awesome scenes I could write there. This has given birth to many scenes in my novels that wouldn't have otherwise been included. 

Having said that, I usually start with only the world map. I drew all of my city maps only after the novels were completed. I just need a feel of the land and then I can allow my imagination to take over.

With The Evangellion Trilogy, I drew my maps digitally. With my new series, I'm taking it back to my roots and I'm working in pencils and paints.

Today, I want to share my newest map with you. If you've read Evangellion, you've read a whole lot about the Capitol. This place has been in my mind for such a long time that I personally couldn't wait to just draw it already. I have step by step images of how I did it, so if you'd like to see more, let me now. But now, without further ado; here's the Capitol of Beregor.

Image Copyright Yolandie Horak 2015

I like working in city blocks instead of loose houses. I imagine drawing each specific house would really help on a person's carpal tunnel syndrome. :P

Just two and a half more months until the last book is published!



  1. I can't wait for the Queen's Fury to arrive!! Looking sooooo forward to that!!