Thursday, 2 April 2015

Eva's Makeup on the Exile Queen cover

This is going to be a short post, because I blogged about it on the Couch too. It helps when your best friend is a makeup artist. :P You think out all kinds of weird looks and she makes them happen. Wait, I lost you, didn't I?

It happened like this. I was probably in the shower, which is where I have all my best ideas. :D The idea struck me that I love makeup and I love writing, so let's combine the two. And while we were at the makeup thing, we might as well do a tutorial on how we did it. Liani is a makeup artist, so she could help me with the tutorial aspect of it. Besides, I based Eva on Liani. Her face was the PERFECT face for the tutorial, because it's Eva's.

Now you can go clicky. :) The TUTORIAL IS HERE, you can READ MORE HERE, and be sure to subscribe to Liani's Blog. Thanks also to Franco from LF Photography for the photos, which are stunning as always.

Folks, The Queen's Fury is launching in less than two months. Can you even? I can't even. :D

Get your hands on EQ here and SOW here in time for the launch of book three on 1 June 2015!! I'm absolutely STOKED (as I've been saying a lot lately) to share the end of the trilogy with you!!


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