Well, here we are again...

About pages, it seems, tend to follow me around. :P So I'm going to keep this one short and sweet. 

Wait... You of the interwebs want MOAR? I have two other pages where I spill my guts about who and what I am, from birth to right about now, so go ahead and clickety click. About page #1. About page #2.

Things you need to know about me :

* My husband and daughter are fantastic. They are the best husband and daughter in the world. 
* I'm only slightly crazy, my mother had me tested.
* This is how you pronounce my name. Yolandie (Yoo (as in 'you') - lun (as in 'fun') - dee (as in 'tea')) Horak (H (The 'H' is like in house, not like in hour) - oo (as in 'boorish' or 'tourist') - ruck (as in 'Barack Obama'))
* I like to talk. A lot.
* I often have hair-brained schemes. Which means my house is filled with half done craft projects, artworks, business ideas and novels written only to the second page.
* I'm a creative. Which makes the previous statement a lot more messy and glittery.
* I'm one of those weirdo's who cries over commercials. I'm completely driven by emotion.
* I'm a hugger.
* I DO NOT like negativity or people who are negative. I try to surround myself with people who are as positive and open minded as possible, because those are the people who will stick by you, no matter what.
* I try to always be kind. Some people make this difficult... :P
* London is my favourite place on the planet, because it's alive and always buzzing with activity. In my mind, it's the center of the universe. :) I would move there with a second's notice.
* Scotland is the most beautiful place on earth. Honestly, it's like a little bit of heaven fell and people with beautiful accents inhabited it. And no, this has nothing to do with my Scottish heritage. :)
* I love the ocean, rain and fresh flowers. Not necessarily in that order.
* You'll always find a book on my bedside table. It'll most likely be fantasy of sci-fi. I do read other genres, but not as often. 
* Makeup? I love it!
* I don't like stereotyping.
* In case you meet me on the street this is how I look :

If you do meet me somewhere, come over and say hi! But only if you have some time. Have I mentioned that I love to talk? ;D

Thank you for reading through this! I hope you'll stick around!


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